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As a published writer and photographer, Deb offers story reporting, research, photography coverage, and copywriting offerings. Currently, Deb is working with several publications for stories focused on travel and just recently launched her new website, Find Calm, a destination focused blog highlighting places for those seeking peace and calm.

find calm

As the world gets busier, and society moves with the waves of social media, finding space and time to slow down will be more important than ever. My mission is to share destinations that soothe the soul and calm the mind.

Minimal expense, but maximum results. It’s possible to find peace in the place you are right now, but sometimes taking time away from home, allows the mind to open and expand. I’ll share travel tips for booking a short or long-term retreat, near or far, in the US and abroad.

Other services offered:

  • Research/Report- Detailed investigative skills to find subjects, conduct interviews, and locate sources/background material for study/project-based research.
  • Create images on an assignment basis for cover or interior story, event photography, subject still-life, portrait, environmental portrait, landscape, and architectural photography.
  • Write in-depth and story stories for publication in print, online, and for editorial or advertising copy. Ability to work on deadlines and weave together detailed imagery to showcase, or bring to light subject matter, personal interest, or an investigative piece.
  • Travel writing and photography highlighting a variety of topics, including travel tips, best places to stay, best ways to travel to or from a destination, best places for entertainment, highlights on local restaurants, breweries, and nightlife, with images and interviews from locals.