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I’m Deb Schell, a travel writer, and photographer, sharing my experiences one trip at a time. I’m on the road to self-discovery on this journey we call life and I’m excited to explore the world in hopes to learn, grow, and help others by inspiring people with my images and stories.

I have experience as a photojournalist capturing moments in time to inspire thousands of readers in print and online. I’m an award-winning writer who has shared stories of people doing amazing work and trying to make the world a better place. I’ve exhibited my artwork at over 20 venues in Central Pennsylvania and sold work to commercial and residential clients.

My vision is to connect people with words, stories, images, to help them live in the moment, experiencing how powerful it is to really be HERE NOW. The best moments are sometimes the ones not captured on film, but in our mind.

On a personal note, 10 years ago I made a decision that I was going to put myself first. I was going to make significant changes to my lifestyle, to get the body I wanted, to get the job I wanted, and to have the life I had dreamed of for so long, but up to that point,  never took action in my life toward the personal changes I needed to accomplish to move forward.

I chose to stop giving into distraction, avoidance, and neglecting my value, and step into my life, for the first time I can remember, I knew I had to take responsibility for the choices I’d made, and get myself back on track.

In 2008 I weighed 234 pounds, and at 5’ 1”, that made me morbidly obese. I had neglected taking care of myself, and I was disgusted with my body. It was on October 20, 2008, that I made the decision that I was going to take back control of my life and my body. It wasn’t until the past year, 10 years later, that I’m really starting to understand why I have the relationship I do with food, and how I can actually change that relationship with food and with myself.

For so long I was working just to be liked or loved, and even today, I recognize when I am doing or saying something just for others to like, appreciate, or love me. I realized that in the last two years, I’ve spent more time focused on the relationship with myself and building that foundation to really love myself. I continue to practice and improve these skills each day.

I use the Domination Deck each day to keep motivated and focused towards my goals, check out the new website and get your pack! I met the creator, Heath, during my trip to Denver and most of my amazing transformation was helped by joining a group called Location Indie. Here’s a story about that group I recently wrote.

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