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cropped-img-0647.jpgI’m Deb Schell, a travel writer, and photographer, sharing my experiences one trip at a time. I’m on the road to self-discovery on this journey we call life and I’m excited to explore the world in hopes to learn, grow, and help others by inspiring people with my images and stories.

My work has been published online or in print in the following; Travel Pulse,Business Woman Magazine,The Press And JournalThe SentinalThe Evening Sun, and The Trib.

I’ve exhibited my artwork in over 20 venues in the Central Pennsylvania area from 2012-17, ending with my last show at my favorite venue, Gamut Theater, which you can find me volunteering at during many of their shows throughout the year and at their annual Shakespeare in the Park.

In addition to theatre, I enjoy improv comedy and live music as well as hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, and plan to travel more in the next few years. Upcoming trips include returning to Colorado and planning a skydiving trip near Boulder, as well as traveling to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ in the fall.

RADISSON HOTEL HARRISBURG, Camp Hill, Pa. September 2013- April 2014
• Produced high-quality photographs and presented finished artwork, working with local businesses for printing and framing services, and sold 650 pieces of work to the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg in 2014.

MCNEES WALLACE & NURICK LLC, Harrisburg, Pa. June 2016- July 2017
• Collaborated between 2016-17 to provide the local law firm nine pieces of artwork featuring the Harrisburg area.



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