What Remains Art Sale

Over the last few years I’ve been showing my work, I’ve curated artwork into themes to show. Some have sold, some have not. The collection I have now, is what remains.

Below are the images from a variety of art shows since I’ve been exhibiting that haven’t sold in the past, and I’m hoping to sell them now. Make me an offer, pay what you will, or if you love an image, but can’t afford to make a purchase at this time, contact me and it’s yours. I want to share my work with others. Photographs include selections from my first Nature Exhibit in 2012, Pennsylvania Places exhibit in 2013, and some of my personal collection of images that I wasn’t sure where or when to exhibit, so they have been in my home for the last year. I’d love to share them with you, so please let me know if you are interested in any of these images. Thank you!

Contact me via Debra.Schell32@gmail.com to purchase any of this artwork

Visit my Art Exhibit website to view all available images.


“Pittsburgh Metro” – 2012 – 11×14 image in 16×20 matte, signed

Bethlehem 9

“Bethlehem” – 2014 – 11×14 image in 16×20 matte, signed and framed

Hershey, Pa.

“Hershey” – 2013 – 10×16 image in 18×20 frame, signed


“Pittsburgh Reflections” – 2012 – 11×14 image in 16×20 matte, signed.

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