Radisson Hotel Harrisburg Artwork

After months of negotiations, figuring out logistics, and writing contracts, I’ve locked in a purchase with the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg. The hotel has recently renovated their rooms and wanted local artwork to hang above the bed. The images have been approved and are in production. The first half of the project will be 125 rooms, 50 double bed and 75 king bed rooms. Above each double bed will be two 8×10 images in a 11×14 frame and one 5×7 image in a 8×10 frame. The king bed rooms will have two 8×10 images in a 11×14 frame and two 5×7 images in a 8×10 frame.

The second half (125 rooms) will be completed over this year and total completion of 250 rooms should be done by end of 2014!

I’ve started to document the project from beginning and plan to create a promo piece when the artwork is up in the hotel. At this point only the sample rooms have been completed, but I expect the rest of the first half of the project to be done by mid-Feburary. I will also be having an opening at some point in the near future! Keep checking in and I’ll keep documenting the process and final artwork when it is done!

Here’s a link to the selected images on my website!

1170779_10152150560540255_1618169140_n 1518685_10152122031830255_245466339_n 1535537_10152122032190255_2127412115_n

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  1. Hi Debra,

    Before I misplaced your business card, I just wanted to establish an email point of contact. It was fun kidding around with you and Jesus at the Jump Street Photo Reception. Hope our paths cross again.


    Jacqueline Smith-Bennett
    Business & Social Event Planners
    (717) 730-0432

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